Child of God

• • •

Hey my dear friends,

My new song, "Child of God" will be released on all digital outlets in June.

This song tells a story of when times get tough and you have a strong faith that it will all be ok, this song means so much to me and I need your help getting it out into the world.  YOU are a crucial part of this song's success.  The music industry has changed so much since I started.  What's exciting about that, though, is that you and I now have the ability to make a song go viral with or without radio.  Streaming the song, adding it to your playlists, sharing it on social media and buying it in stores like itunes are always to create buzz and get it up the charts in the digital world.

I have another new song right behind this one and a full Album later this year but its CRUCIAL that this first one starts strong. LET'S DO THIS!


Share the news of "Child of God" on social media, you are increasing the songs reach. Sharing it with your family, friends, and co-workers on social media will help get the news of my music into the feeds of your friends and family. Social media is just as powerful as radio!

I will post all the important news on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Also, you can join the Lily James Fan Group. We will be posting ways to help promote the song there too.

I can't wait for you all to hear this new song!!! I will be sending out more emails with directions on how you all can help each step of the way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams a reality. XX

• • •